Endnote library doesn't find .data file - although it is right there. Update or Syncing problems?

Dear all, 

I’m hoping very much you can help me figure this out. I have a deadline set up in 9 days and Endnote chose this moment to create problems. I’m a little panicky. 

I bought a new computer (I use Mac Mojave) and I use a cloud service (sugarsync) to sync my data between computers. I didn’t change anything on my original computer, the program just mirrors everything I do onto the other computer. All of my documents are part of the cloud including one subfolder “PhD” with a folder “EndNote” which contains the library and the .data file. I can still locate them on both of the computers in this folder. 

I installed a newer version of Endnote on the new computer and I think I checked the box that I want to use Endnote web oder sync to the web or something because I thought it was useful. Afterwards, I wanted to open the library but it told me that it couldn’t locate the data file and it might create problems if I try to open it anyway. It also told me to copy the .data file to the same folder as my library - but as I said they ARE in the same folder and I didn’t rename the files or anything. When I try to open the .data file with the “open with…” option, it tells me that Endnote cannot open the file. I then decided to open it anyway to see if I could still use the library. It seems as if my references are there but some secondary information is missing, there are no groups and the PDFs aren’t there. I never had problems with Endnote on my original computer but now the same error message pops up there. I don’t have any clue what happened. 

Does anyone know whtat the problem is and how I can make Endnote open the .data file? 

Thank you very much for your help. 


Please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1