Endnote+mac= death

Ever since I started using PDF files in endnote, it constantly crashes.  I know this is an known issue being blamed on apple ( I am on a mac running Mojave), however after following all of the recommendations, such as viewing PDFs in adobe instead of endnote, nothing seems to help.  Currently, Endnote either runs super slow or crashes.  The one thing I have yet to try is to not use cloud services.   This is becuase everything I find online say this does not make a difference.  Plus, the links of this webside from support which are supposed to show how to fix this ( cloud related issues) are all dead ends ( as is non existant), making me think this solution does not work anyways. I dont just want to try every option out there, I want to be careful messing with my endnote files as lossing them, or screwing them up, is not really an option.  Has anyone out there figured out any solution?  I am a doctoral student and to not have this functioning is beyond distressing.

Regrettably I was never able to find a solution and the tech support was super useless. I finally, after over 15 years of using EndNote, abandoned it for something else that works even better. There are a few options out there and as reluctant as I was, it has worked out well. Good luck.

OK, I just lost everything. My entire library gone.  I managed to get most of it back after several hours of  hell but of couse I lost all of my PDF files . It was horrible but I went and got the PDFs I could not life without and put them back. However now I cannot view them as they jump around. Also, endnote continue to crash frequently. As a mac user I have made sure nothing is stored online.  I cannot take this anymore.  Can someone tell me if Endnote is even compatable with mac anymore???

Guess it depends upon what one means by “compatible.” The design is very windows-like and the tech support with whom I’d communicated some time ago was offering suggestions that didn’t work at all and seemed like they were more attended to the windows side of things. That’s a problem with many applications that start out getting developed by small companies (who tend to be more responsive) then get acquired by large corporations that are more focused on other things. I switched to Bookends which, while not perfect, is extremely reliable and has functions I wished Endnote had had as it would have saved me a lot of time. The developer is extremely responsive and updates are free for two years (and the app costs half or more of what Endnote costs). I dunno, but it was pretty easy to bring over my endnote library and nearly 2,000 attached PDFs.