Endnote Mac Suggestion: Adopting Apple's use of Option and Command keys when editing

Dear Endnote.

When you use any standard Mac application for at least the last several iterations of Mac OS X, you can move the curses within a line of text by word using the arrow keys while holding down the option key, or moving to the end or start of line by using the right/left arrow keys with the command key, or from the start or end of document by using the command key along with the up/down arrows. 

With the option and command keys you can also delete either hold words or whole lines by using the option/command keys along with the delete key. Those of us who use the Mac a lot do so automatically within any of the standard word processors. This means that the absence of this functionality is painfully obvious in applications, such as Endnote 6. 

Please add thsi functionality to the Endnote in the future. 

Comment if you agree (or not, though I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t). 

Cheers… John K