Keyboard shortcuts for CWYW on a Mac


Can someone please post a list of keyboard shortcuts for CWYW features?  I’m using X4 on a Mac (running Snow Leopard), using Word 2008 for Mac.


These are listed in CWYW Preferences 

Another source for these  is the built in help file (at least in Windows) which has two nice lists-- if you search the index for shortcut - you should find a list of those under these headings. 

Keyboard Commands (for in Endnote)  


CWYW Keyboard Commands for Word

If using X8 on Sierra … go Tools | CWYW | CWYW Preferences.

You can view and or set keyboard commands from there. 

This is from the EndNote X4 Mac Help Guide:

Cite While You Write Command    Key Command
Find Citation(s)                               Control +7
Insert Note                                     Control +0
Insert Selected Citation(s)               Control +2
Find Figure(s)                                 None Assigned
Go to EndNote                               Control +1
Return to Word                              Control +1
Edit Citation(s)                               Control +6
Edit Library References                   Control +5
Format Bibliography                        Control +3
Unformat Citations                          Control +4
Remove Field Codes                       None Assigned
Export Traveling Library                   Control +8
Cite While You Write
Preferences                                    Control +9
Help                                              None Assigned