Endnote online: Sorting references on start page Author A-Z by default?

on the startpage, Endnote Web (Basic) shows the reference list sorted by First Author (A-Z).

This makes no sense. Most of the time, when visiting the site, one wants to work on recently added references. I can’t see uch use of browsing page per page sorted on author if one has more than about 10 references.

Unfortunately there’s no way to alter the default sorting as a user, even not by a workaround through bookmarking the page with sorting on Recent or Recently updated.

It would be nice if the default was something more useful or, even better, if we could choose the default sorting order.

Has anyone found a sort for trhsi please - default sort order for endnote online refs


There are multiple options from the drop-down list at the upper right, but I don’t think there is a way to lock it in as a default.