Endnote for iPad Sorting by Author


I like to use Endnote for iPad to read my journal articled while on the go but have been getting increasingly frustrated with the way it sorts everything.  I know how to change sorting preferences and my preference is by Author unfortunately (and this is where my frustration comes in) it is sorting by how the entry is written out, so in many cases this is by first name.

I have never had any problem with the way I have entered names when it comes to referencing.  I enter names as either John Smith or as Smith, John A. depending on how their name is published.  But the way that Endnote for iPad reads this means that two article written by the same Author might be filed under J or S depending on how their name was entered.

I have Googled to find a solution to this problem but have had no luck.  I was wondering if anyone has encountered this and have found a solution (short of having to rename every entry in my Endnote database which is not going to happen)