In library window view, how to sort each author's publications by year?


In my largest endnote library I have only a few authors but they each have hundreds of publications.

In the library window view, they appear in randome date order. It would be more useful to have the sort within each author so their publications are listed in desending date order. How can I do this?

Happy New Year to all/gary

Tools>Sort then sort by “First Author” then by year.  The default of Author then year, first sorts by all the authors and then by the year which mixes up the years unless they are exactly the same.  

Many thanks Leanne

Does this mean that when a new reference is added the resort has to be redone?

Warm regards/gary

Think so.  How often is it important to have them sorted by year?  Perhaps you could add a suggestion to select a sort order as the default, in the suggestions forum section, so the developers can consider this and you can garner other users support?  

Thaks Leanne - will do

Your help i very much appreciated

Warm regards/gary