Endnote only inserts unformatted citations

Hi! I am an experienced user of Endnote, however, I encountered a problem I cannot seem to solve, neither did I find answers in the community.

Using endnote x8 to insert references into a word document (word 2016), I will only get the unformatted output, and no new entry in the reference list at the end of the document ALTHOUGH instant formatting is on.

I have tried:

  • to turn instant formatting on and off again

  • to turn endnote on and off again, as well as the laptop

  • to insert references in another, new document (same issue)

  • to swich citation styles

  • to insert citations both directly from endote, as well as using the cite while you write option in the word document.

None of the above helped. Could you please advice how to solve that problem? Thanks.

Are you running the most recent version of EndnoteX8.2 (on a PC).  Check for updates in Endnote (in the Help menu on a PC) just to make sure.  

What about the “update citations and bibliography”? 

I would have changed citation style to Author-Date or similar, but you did that already, to ensure it was using one in your collection.  But it if wasn’t, it should error message you. 

I assume it doesn’t say anything?  Does it run the update with the green bar?  Do you know that the citation delimiters are matching those in the document (but the insert should use the ones set anyway).  

Sounds like you need to call tech support. 

Especially since it is happening on a new document.  

Thank you for your input! :slight_smile: I double checked, and Endnote is updated. Updating citations and bibliography does not make a difference. However, I realized a new thing, that might be of importance.

At the moment my document looks like this:

“…in several national and international political documents.11-14 The WHO {World Health Organization, 2002 #65}  has explicitly encouraged…”

Here you can see the inserted citations from some days ago, using JAMA style, followed by the citation style as it appears since yesterday. 

When I convert a copy of this text to unformatted citations, everything is aligned as such:

“… in several national and international political documents.{World Health Organization, 2008 #26;Helse- og omsorgsdepartementet, 2013 #29;Ministry of Health Services 2014 #93;World Health Organization, 2002 #65} The WHO{World Health Organization, 2002 #65}  has…”

Interestingly, when I then want to convert it back to formatted citations, the text appears not as shown in the upper example, but as in the last example.

Does that maybe give any clues as to what the problem could be? 

The good news is that those 11-14 are correctly input Endnote fields, but I don’t have a clue why they won’t reformat!  Does anyone else have endnote on their machine, that you could try (with access to your library)? 

This one looks a bit weird: Helse- og omsorgsdepartementet, 2013 #29 but other than that… it doesn’t look wrong.  

You could try the “clean up” step of selecting all the text in the unformatted version (Ctrl+A on a PC) and then Ctrl+6 to remove any remaining corrupted field codes.  Then try to update. Otherwise I would make that call to Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1