Unformatted citations in Word 2003 using EndNoteX

Hi everyone: When I try inserting a new citation in a Word 2003 document, it always appears as unformatted and the full citation do not appear at the end of the document (I´m using EndNoteX). If I open a new Word document, references are inserted correctly and full citations appear at the end May be the older document is corrupt? When I open this document in a computer using EndNote X7 I can insert citations correctly without problem. However, I need it to work with EndNoteX using Word 2003. Please advise

You may need to adjust the Instant Formatting setting in Word.

Please see our website for those steps.


If that does not work then please contact Technical Support directly.

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1



It is hard to remember back to EndnoteX setting in word 2003 and I am not sure I can find them.  Have you tried looking in the help for the program itself, for the auto-formatting settings?