EndNote Output Style File Customization to Generate Headings for Primary Sort Grouping?

For a MS-Word format resume / CV list of publications I have prepared a reverse chronologically ordered EndNote library from which I export a RTF bibliography of 286 papers, being the complete publications of one professor’s stellar academic career (that spans 25 years of research publishing).

My primary sort field is Year (descending). So, using this reverse chronological order, sorted (grouped) by Year field I would like my customized EndNote Output Style to generate and display the four-digit year (once) as a left justified heading above each annual grouping in my .RTF format exported file. For example, all his 2015 year publications are listed under the heading “2015”. Any ideas how I can achieve these four-digit year group headings in my exported .RTF?

Look at the options for Subject bibliography. You can first search for or create a group of the publications by the professor, then under tools, find “subject bibliography” where you can select the term search “year” and then it will open a window where you can select all years. This will sort them by year, but the default is oldest to newest. so you need to go into the layout and there are several tabs, - on the first, you need to select the output style you want to use, That should use the sort order for the subyear ordering, but you can also change that – under terms tab, change to inverse alphabetical to get newest to oldest years, I haven’t played with other settings there. I give a screen shot of the output out of the box, but I think you may want to edit the output style to get an empty paragraph after each reference or play with the indentations. You can preview the output (the second pasted image below) and you can save it to a file, or print the resulting bibliography.

Awesomely good advice thanks Leanne :smiley:

To achieve the reverse chronological sort (by four digit year) I had to use:
Terms / Subject Term Layout / Order: By Term – Inverse Alphabetical

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