Output references to word doc sorted by year

Is it possible to export my group of references to a word document sorting them year? I’d like to list the most recently published works first working down in descending order to the oldest. Note that I would like the bibliography to continue to list authors first but only sort the list by year rather than alphabetical. I tried modifying the output style by editing the “sort order” and saving as a new custom output style. However that had no apparent effect in changing the sort order either in my group in endnote or the bibliography in Word.

Can someone suggest a solution please?

Someone shared the solution with me. It does in fact work to adjust or set the sort order. However you must reset the new output style in word and endnote than copy it in.

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You can edit the output style and specify the edited output style when exporting. It should export it to an RTF file I think, to maintain the formating rather than plain text.