Retrieve bibliography sorted by date

Dear all.

I would want to retrieve a bibliography sorted by year of publication, but, even if I order the corresponding group items by date, when I go to Format>Bibliography, the list that I get is always sorted alphabetically. I have tried with different bibliographic styles without any success.

I am using EndNote through the web page.

Thank you very much.

The sort order is going to be based on the Output Style. Most styles are going to be set to sort either by the Author and Year or numerically. With the EndNote desktop software, you can edit the Sort Order of the style. To do this, click on the Edit menu > Output Styles > Open Style Manager. Browse to your Style and open it. Here, you can click on Sort Order under Bibliography. You can click Other to select to sort by Year. You can then save the Style with a new name. If you are using EndNote online instead of the desktop software, these changes can only be done by the EndNote online Administrator. If your account is associated with your institution, you can ask the EndNote online Administrator to make these changes.

Dear Jason.

I have got the bibliography sorted by year but in the ascending mode. How can I get the list sorted in descending order, that is, the newest references before the oldest?

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Hello Ana,

If you click on Other again in the Output Style to bring up the “Sort Options,” you can click the “A Z” button to toggle it to “Z A” to reverse the sort order and save the Style.

Got it!

Thanks a lot.