bibliographic list by year


I would like to export my bibliographic list sorted by year instead of alphabetical order and be able to print it. Then inside the year group I would like to have it sorted by alphabetical order.

Is it possible to do it with free end note web? if the answer is yes, how to do it?

Thank you


You can order the references how you want online simply by sorting by Year, oldest to newest and then print the page/s. Problem is it isn’t in reference format. Also the references are sorted exactly how the author name is entered, so not necessarily in alphabetical order of surname. See attached.

You can try downloading all your references as a tab delimited file and sorting them as required in Excel, but then it sorts on author initial instead of surname and it still isn’t in a proper reference format.

It can easily be done using EndNote Desktop. 

  1. EndNote > Tools > Subject Bibliography
  2. Select Year
  3. Click OK
  4. Click Select All
  5. Click OK
    order of authors in endnote web.jpg