EndNote PPT Slides - Original Email unable to go through.

Hi Doug,

I attended both of your classes last week (intro and CWYW for EndNote). They were really great and I appreciate it. I began a new position recently and will be doing instruction on EndNote in a few weeks. I was hoping to have access to your presentation slides as I think they’d help me quickly identify the most important topics to be covered.

Also, a little more on my earlier question…I had a graduate student come in and ask me this and I wasn’t sure. The expert on Endnote on campus mentioned there was a button to do this command. For example, while writing an academic paper in APA, within the text you could be quoting someone…and I wanted to know if EndNote can add the citation for a quote in APA style for me, which would be different than just author and year.


    Albert Einstein argued that “science is very important” (add apa quote citation here…).

Any information would be helpful, and I plan on attending the other classes. If you have any tips to prepare for my instruction (it’s on Feb. 14) that would be very much appreciated as well. Thank you!

Best regards,
Kelly Smith

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my email is smitka@ucalgary.ca

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for the feedback. I will send the slides to you soon.

Re: your question about APA I’m still not clear on this part:

(add apa quote citation here…)

…what would go in those parentheses, exactly? If it’s suppposed to be the year–since the author (Einstein) is mentioned in the sentence–then it’s just a matter of inserting the citation and excluding the author so that only the year shows up in the parentheses. You can clarify this for me here in the forum or in the email I send to you with the slides.

Good luck with the new position and I’m glad you found this forum for EndNote trainers. Welcome to the club! As you can see the forum is not very active at the moment, but I’m hoping to change this by getting people to contribute more of their EndNote training materials. This will make it easier for people, like yourself, who are trying to figure out what topics to present and how.

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Thank you Doug! These slides will be really helpful for me as I prepare my presentation.

Have a great weekend.

Hi kelly…i m really appreciated your hardworking regarding how you going to run the traning in EndNote session…and i will be very much thankful for you if you could send me the EndNote PPT slides that you had present in your training…

Thankyou verymuch.


can i also request to get these slides…

The slides I use for the Building an EndNote Library and Cite While You Write classes are attached. These are for EndNote version X6.

Basic EN X6.ppt (1.15 MB)
Basic EN X6 CWYW.ppt (1.13 MB)


can i also request to get these slides.

My Email: nht2007@gmail.com

As with all public and semi-public forums, I would suggest you edit out your actual email address from a posting, and use private messaging to request these.  This is the fastest way to attract spam to your address.  Alternatively  at least change to a user dot name at domain.com version to avoid attracting spam… 

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