Shifted citations in various parts of document


I was happily using EndNote when I suddenly realized that in some parts of my thesis, citations have shifted. Basically, every citation was one position later than it should be. This must have happened some time ago, because in the later parts of my thesis, they are fine again.

I searched for hours (and I mean it!) to find where the first shift occurred and I found the error in the first chapter. I followed the FAQ, unformatted, etc., but the problem–so it seems–is a different one: I found a citation twice, although there should already be another one.

It should be

Lalalalalala (CITATION 1) lalalalalala (CITATION 2) lalalalalala (CITATION 3).

But it is:

Lalalalalala (CITATION 1) lalalalalala (CITATION 1) lalalalalala (CITATION 2).

I have no idea, how Citation 1 got copied into this position.

Since I have edited this paper on several parts more than once, I cannot just shift all of the citations. What is the solution to such a problem?

Thank you,


PS: OS X Lion, Word 2011 (14.1.2) for Mac, EndNote X4 (4.0.2)

PPS: Thanks to Dropbox that saves copies from all changed documents for 30 days (in the free version), I could rather quickly go back to a moment, where everything was okay. Still I would like to get an answer for this problem.

same problem here, with Endnote X6 and Word 2011! solutions please??