Endnote quit working on laptop, move library to another computer but having problems

I have endnote on my personal laptop but it just suddenly stopped working.  Since I have to get a manuscript out today that I had a working library, I decided to just copy the library and data file onto my flash drive and work on a lab computer with endnote. Unfortunately when I open my library I can only see 2 references.

I need to have the functional library since in my edits of the paper I need to add 1 more new reference and then reformat since the ordering has changed a lot. 

Any ideas?

I also have an exported rtf file of the library which has all the citations in the entire library (~65 or so), which I’m guessing I could re-import and create a new library, but worried that could create more problems and I’d have to start over and reinsert all the citations anyway. Boo.

version of endnote and word processor (and OS) would be helpful to help you more quickly.  In practice, if the manuscript has the embedded references, you should be able to use a new library on the new new computer and add the needed new refs to it and reformat the document.  the embedded refs already in it will just use the travelling library and you should be able to add the additional reference and finish up. 

Of course you still need to figure out what is happening on that laptop.  Make sure it wasn’t running in demo mode?