Library is gone but in Word I still cane see the references


I have the problem that my library is gone and I can only find an old saving. In the Dokument I can still see the references but in EndNote I can’t find them anymore. Is it possible to import them from Word into EndNote?

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You don’t say which version of endnote, but from any recent version of endnote (since 7 at least) you can recover the “traveling library” which contains all the references that you have quoted in the manuscript.  BUT it will have new record numbers so you can’t use it to reformat that document (which has the embedded references anyway, so you don’t need to).  New references inserted into your library can be used in that paper though. 

OH!  I didn’t say how!  With the document open, >  Word, tools menu, Endnote tools, “Export Traveling Library”.

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I am using the end note 7.7.1 and it was working fine . I tried to cite a new reference on my Mac Word 2011 ( V14.4.6) which led to my word to crash, I repeated the same for three times and everytime my word crashed and on fourth attempt my Endnote library was gone for good …I am just angry because it was last few hours of my work …