endnote reference error

i was recently working on a college assignment and decided to use endnote for my references. it started off working fine but it began to reference in a very weird format. it seems to skip a line. it happens with all my references and reference styles. it is highlighted in red in the images. the citation and the bibliography are both weird. you can see that it worked for other citations but not anymore. anybody know if this is a setting that was changed?

i have tried reinstalling the style, endnote, altering the format and looking up a solution but nothing has worked  yet. if this doesnt get fixed i will have to get a new reference manager.

any help is greatly appreciated.

Hard to know without images and as a new user, they won’t let you attach any to the forum until you have posted a few times.  – Try responding to the thread 3 or 4 times and then try to attach an image again?   I don’t know how many it takes, but it keep the spammers at bay for a bit anyway.  

Is it just that record?  If you add a different record does it do the same?  What does the record itself look like?  Have you edited that output style Harvard_UL_2016?  Can you zip the document into a folder and attach it?  

the same thing occurs with different references. it also happens when i use any other styles of referencing. if i was to go and edit the output style, what should it look like?

But just some references, not all?  What is the “ref type” of those references.  I looked up the one that you used as a demo, which is review article I think.  Your citation is missing the “Journal” field, so I wonder if it is assigned as the wrong ref type (like a book?) or using an ref type that isn’t defined, or is defined incorrectly, but that doesn’t explain why it is putting in extra lines in the citation itself.  

McCarthy C, Reeves EP, McElvaney NG. The Role of Neutrophils in Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. Ann Am Thorac Soc. 2016 Aug;13 Suppl 4:S297-304. doi: 10.1513/AnnalsATS.201509-634KV. PMID: 27564664. 

I also downloaded the Harvard_UL_2016 output style from https://libguides.ul.ie/referencing-endnote/advanced and couldn’t get it to misbehave with my own library.  

to edit an output style in endnoteX9 desktop, you would go to edit, output style> edit “Harvard_UL_2016” then after editing it, save as to a new name, and use the newly named style in your word document.  (do not use the same name).   

I looked it up and the example you showed is a review and the listing, messed up as it is, is also missing the journal, which may be it is assigned to the wrong reference type?  I also downloaded Harvard_UL_2016 from https://libguides.ul.ie/referencing-endnote/advanced and it behaves itself for me.  It is either something strange in your word document, or something strange in the way you have entered the records in Endnote?  If it happens with other output styles, it has to be one of the two.  PM me or reach out to endnote’s  support  group thru the endnote.com website (which isn’t me, I am just another user!). 

Okay, I have answered this three times and each time, it seems to go into a black hole, and no “draft” version exists anywhere.  

The example you gave is a review and the messed up bibliography is missing the journal, so I wondered if you have a ref type wrong.  But that isn’t enought to explain what is going on here, if it happens when you change the output style in WORD (not in the program) and it still happens.  That would mean there is either a problem in the word document or in the way you are entering the records in your library.  

If it is a word problem, maybe there is a corruption in the document, and if you make a copy of the document and unformat the copy to “convert to unformated citations” from the endnote ribbon in word  {author, year #recnumber} (or Accession Number instead of rec number, my preference which is defined in edit>Preferences temporary citation - “use field instead of record number”).  Then you can scan to see if the field codes for your problematic citations are still there – which means they are likely corrupted.  At this point you can clean them up by deleting them, or use word’s remove field codes tools.  If everything looks clean, you should try to updated citations and bibliography and see if it inserts them correctly this time.  

if it is wierd characters in your records in endnote, because you copy and pasted them in, or imported them rather than using the connect feature?  I tried a number of things with extra returns and funny characters but couldn’t duplicate what you were seeing.  

I downloaded the Harvard_UL_2016 style from the University of Limerick site, and it worked fine with my library and word documents.  It is unlikely to be the style, if you didn’t edit it. (which you would do from Edit>output styles> edit “Harvard_UL_2016”)  

The full cleanup corrupt document steps are here:  https://support.clarivate.com/Endnote/s/article/EndNote-Problematic-field-codes-causing-jumping-cursor-the-range-cannot-be-deleted-or-other-problems-while-formatting (but I have never had to copy the text and paste it into a new document.  Usually unformating and reformating fix it just fine).