"Endnote error" when adding citations to Word document


I am using Endnote X4 and Word 2010.   I have a brand new laptop with both programs installed yesterday.   I am working on a document previously started on old computer and using an existing library to continue to add references.  However, when I add references to the Word document, it inserts the author name and year in brackets but it does not add the reference to the bibliography nor convert it to the citation superscript number in the text, it just leaves the bracketed information.  When this happens, a box appears that says “Endnote error” with no other clarification.  I have tried to use other libraries into other documents and the same thing keeps happening.   Any help would be appreciated.  thanks. 

Have you tried reselecting a output style in the endnote document on the Endnote Ribbon?  

When these things happen, especially if there is a change in version of endnote or word, I usually make a copy of the document and unformat the citations so they are all curly bracketed versions. (If you like, but only AFTER you  “convert to unformatted citations” you can also remove any endnote fields by “convert to plain text” in this unformated state.) Then reformat and make sure that CWYW is enabled (third tab of the format bibliography dialog, which is run from the “bibliography” corner of the endnote ribbon.  

The output style is the same in Endnote and in Word.

I did convert the entire document to unformatted citations, but when I tried to subsequently update the citations it again gave me the “Endnote error” message and now all the citations are stuck in the unformatted state.

Attached is the error message I receive when adding citations

Hey just made an account to try and offer a solution.

I had the exact same issue due to the fact that I had altered my output style in Endnote however my bibliography in Open Office was a different style that I had created and deleted. Changing the bib. to the Endnote output style fixed this for me. I’m not sure how to specifically fix it in Word however the issues you mention were the exact same ones I was having.