Endnote references do not work and constantly get bugged after colleague has emailed me back our word document

After emailing a colleague a word document that we are working, he has emailed me back his edits and the endnote references no longer work. When I press update references it creates a new bibliography with only 8 or so references. Whereas the original document had over 100. Also, some new references that he has inserted into the documented look strange (as if there is coding or it’s not formatted properly. I attached a screenshot as an example).

Is there some way of fixing this or will I have to go back to the previous document I emailed beforehand?

This is getting very frustrating and it just makes me no longer want to use endnote. What’s the point if my co-workers and I can’t even edit and email back documents to each other?

Your colleague may not be using endnote, using a different version of endnote, but most likely is also opening the document in a program other than MSWord (or Pages?) like googledocs or openOffice, which will erase any word fields, including endnote fields.  The best way to share the document would be to copy the bibliography and then convert the citations to unformated citations (-- {author, year accession number} is my preferred option which you can change in preferences) so they aren’t destroyed.  Then paste in the bibliography, so your colleague still can see the full reference you have cited.  

For now, the best thing to do, is to make a copy of  document you sent them, convert to unformated citations, compare that to the document you got back and reject changes to citations (retaining your {temporary citations} and accept changes they made (that you like!).