Sending document to colleague without EndNote access


I am currently using EndNote X2 with a Microsoft Office Word 2003 document.

The problem I am experiencing is when I e-mail a document to a colleague that does not have access to EndNote, they are having difficulties editing the document. 

my question is how can i disable EndNote after my document is referenced (cititations included), yet still have my citations and reference list apperar within the document?

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There are some suggestions out there.  see and 

BUT – What I do, is have a style that produces an endnote like citation [First author, Year #RecNo] and a bibliography sorted by record number.  then before I send it to the collaborator I unlink all the fields on a copy and send it to them.  I tell them to insert their references and highlight them, then when I get the paper back, I add their new references and put them in my library (if not already there) and reformat it with the [] rather than {} that I started with. I then delete the old references list. and  repeat as necessary. 


that was more than i asked for and will be useful for future endeavors, however my real question (and I should have stated more clearly earlier) is this:

i have a document that is refeenced with Endnote. 

My citations and reference list appear when I view the document on my computer (Endnote access available).

if i want to send to a colleague to read only (no adding of references) and they do not have EndNote access…can i disable EndNote, so they are able to open and view. 

Basically, after i use Endnote, can I keep the final product, without having EndNote functional during future reading by others. 

Thanks again. 


They will be able to view the document with the endnote fields intact (although the document is a bit bulky and there is a chance they could accidentally corrupt the references)

Or you can (on a copy) unlink the fields and they can read it without the fields, and all the text will remain, but if they make changes, you won’t be able to reformat it, without moving the changes back into the original. 

Finally you could just print it to a PDF and they could read it with a minimum of fuss.

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