Endnote removes section break after reference list when updating citations and bibliography

I have a Word (2010) document where the reference list appears in a section before the end of the document (there are appendices after the reference list). The reference list is in a separate section (there is an odd page section break before and after it). I have separate headers in each section.

When the Endnote reference list updates, it removes the section break after it and therefore loses its header information. I can easily put it back, but it’s a pain having to remember to do this. I would prefer to be able to get Endnote to stop removing the section break at the end of the reference section when updating.

I have tried putting more paragraph breaks between the end of the reference list and the section break, but this does not help. I have ensured the section break and extra paragraph marks are outside the field coding in the reference list.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to prevent the section break from being removed each time?