Bibliography at the end and not after breaks


I am working on a document that has breaks in order to have single pages in the landscape format included. Endnote is integrating the bibliography just before the break which means the bibliography is spread all over the document. But I would rather prefer to have the bibliography all together at the end o the document. I am working with word 2007.

I hope someone has a hint or solution for that



Change the “Sections” setting of the EndNote output style* so it’s set to: Create a complete bibliography at the end of the document (see attached image).


* Procedure

  1. Go to the toolbar, select Edit > Output Style > Edit [Name of the style you’re using].

  2. In the style dialog box click “Sections” then click “Create a complete bibliography at the end of the document”.

  3. Close the dialog box which saves the changes as a new file having the word “Copy” added; change both EndNote and MS Word settings to use the new output style file.

* If the bibliography doesn’t automatically self correct then unformat then update the citations/bibliography.
Output Style Setting - Bibliography at End of Document.gif