End of Section referencing and columns, section breaks in word.

This is both a word and an endnote issue.
I was previously keeping my document chapters in separate files as such I had referencing for each chapter separately. However I am required to submit only the single file so I combined the chapters.

This worked well until I was asked to make edits to the now combined file.
After completing my edits on chapter one I realised the references hadn’t changed. They had all gone to the bottom of the document. (Repeated 400 times ergh!! i turned my referencing on and off again and that was fixed) I fixed this by changing the endnote settings so that references are now produced whenever I section break.

However, one of my chapters switches between one and two columns throughout, back and forth. I achieved this with section breaks but now whenever I section break endnote produces a references list. So I need to be able to switch between one and two columns without a section break or get endnote to put the references exactly where I want them, including references from sections previous. I need chapter breaks instead of section breaks :s.

The only reliable way to fix this, is to take that chapter out and have endnote format it at the end of the document rather than at section breaks.  then put it back. 

Grrr. Part of the issue is that I am required to have all my changes tracked, So copy pasting the chapter in removes them all.

Since all these chapters were seperate originally means I have a version saved with references at the end at least, so it wont take long to fix.

Super annoying since word itself has this feature for its own referencing system but its 4 years too late to switch to that.

Ironically, the native built-in reference system in Word can “Suppress Endnotes at End of Section” to easily solve this problem.

I wish I can convert back to the native built-in system… so frustrated.

This is how to do it: