Endnote repeated citations problem

Hello, I saw that many people have problems with the repeated citation option in Endnote. But I couldn’t find the solution to my problem. Endnote confuses two different citations as being the same. As a style I use MLA 6th edition because I need to use footnotes. I am quoting these two sources in the order posted here. 1. Richardson, Anna. “Most Reviewed.” The Bookseller 30 June 2008. Web. 02 May 2010. 2. Richardson, Anna. “Most Reviewed.” The Bookseller 21 Apr 2008. Web. 22 May 2010. Note that only the Publication Date and Access Date differ. The Problem is, that Endnote treats them as exactly the same and shortens the second one. I assume the problem is that Endnote does only compare Name, Journal, Title, Year but not Publication Date and so thinks they are the same. This is a problem if you work with columns in newspaper which are written by the same author every month. Thanks for the help! Daniel

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