EndNote inserts citations for two nearly identical references as the same reference

I have two references. They are:

TOWN TALK AND TABLE CHAT. (1859, 29 June 1859). Cornwall Chronicle, p. 4.


TOWN TALK AND TABLE CHAT. (1859, 09 July 1859). Cornwall Chronicle, p. 4.

When I go to insert the citation for the second one into my document, EndNote inserts a citation for the first one. I think this is because the title, year, newspaper name, and page number are the same (which is all that EndNote puts in the bibliography).

My list of citations in EndNote has separate entries for these two references. They are clearly different. How can I get EndNote to insert the citation for the second reference without getting it confused with the first one?

I’m using EndNote 8.1 (Bld 11010) with Word 2016 MSO 32-bit.

I’ve just created a new style that includes the full date and url in the bibliography entries, so now the two reference have unique bibliography entries, but it didn’t fix the problem.

I found out about duplicates today. The two references were thought to be duplicates by EndNote, so I did two things:

  1. I changed the settings. I ticked all the boxes under Edit>Preferences>Duplicates. Unfortunately, URL (a unique identifier if ever there was one) was not one of the fields I could tick, so:

  2. I manually changed the Label field on at least one of the “duplicates”. The Label field is one of the fields that EndNote checks when deciding which references are duplicates.

I then ran References>Find duplicates, and it found no duplicates.

This did not solve the problem.

This is an old bug that appears not to have been repaired – 

The duplicate settings you are changing have no impact on the bibliography duplicate check. (statement from X8.1 help)

Note: The Duplicates Preferences settings do not apply to this feature. The criteria for determining duplicates is fixed for the “Merge Duplicates in Bibliography” setting.

The “Merge Duplicates in Bibliography” help further states

References are considered duplicates if they are the same reference type (such as Journal Article or Book) and the following fields are identical: Author, Year, Title, Secondary Title (Journal, Newspaper, Magazine, Book Title, Series Title, Conference Name, and so on), Volume, Issue, and Pages.

But this is False.  Not all these fields are checked – You can try turning OFF the merge duplicate setting in preferences formating.  See image attached.  I think that works.  

Thanks, Leanne. I did as you suggested, then clicked on Update Citations and Bibliography in Word, and it renumbered the “duplicates” I was aware of, and the total number of entries in the bibliography now matches the total number of citations in EndNote.

Thanks so much. If you’re ever in Ballarat, I’ll buy you lunch. Cheers.