X8 Problem with repeated citations (multiple book sections by same author in one book)

There seems to be a problem with the way EndNote X8 detects repeated citations. I am using Chicago 16th Footnote with short titles and the “Book section” reference type.

In EndNote Preferences, under Footnotes - Repeated Citations, I have left the defaults (Same Reference: Replace Repeated Data; and Same Source: Replace Repeated Data). But these settings do not help with this problem.

The problem arises when a book of selected essays, for example, contains multiple entries by the same author.

EndNote detects an exact repetition without difficulty. For example:

1. John Smith, "Apples Are Better Than Bananas," in Selected Essays (Someplace: Some Publisher), 100.
2. Ibid., 101.

But now imagine that the same book, Selected Essays, contains another essay by Smith called “Reply to My Critics”. This is what happens:

1. John Smith, "Apples Are Better Than Bananas," in Selected Essays (Someplace: Some Publisher), 100.
2. Ibid., 101.
3. "Reply," 200.

This is obviously incorrect behaviour as the reader has no way of knowing from the footnotes that “Reply” is from Selected Essays. (Not only that, but if the reference to “Reply” was in footnote 100, say, then there would be no context to help the reader.)

Also, note that EndNote uses the Short Title (“Reply”) for the footnote, even though it’s the first reference to “Reply to My Critics”.

I could work around the problem by including the Book Title in the “Book Section - Short
Form”. However, EndNote would still use the Short Title for the first reference and the Book Title would be included in all subsequent footnotes, which again is incorrect behaviour. (And I would add that this would become very heavy if the Book Title were much longer and had a subtitle, for example.)

Is there a problem with the way EndNote is detecting repeated citations? Or am I missing something?

Thanks for any help.

I have found other posts referring to the same problem. One, for example, goes back to more than four years ago:

Post title: Short Form appears for first reference instead of Long Form
‎Post date: 05-16-2013 09:28 PM

It seems to me that the developers have a couple of approaches available for dealing with this:

Suggestion #1: Use the “Title” field to distinguishrepeated citations in footnotes, in addition to the existing criteria (author, year). (Surprisingly, the “Title” field does not seem to be used to distinguish repeated citations in footnotes, although the help file claims otherwise.) This would seem to be the most straightforward solution.

Suggestion #2: Apply the settings from the “Duplicates” preference to the algorithm for detecting repeated citations in footnotes.

Can anyone confirm that this is a bug? If so, is there any chance it will fixed in the near future? Thanks!