Endnote style file for the journal "Risk Analysis" published by Blackwell

I guess this is an appropriate way to archive styles where they can be found by search  strings?  As far as I can tell Thomson only has a site for “voting” for style requests, not a place for file exchanges:

For the journal" Risk Analysis" published by Blackwell:

(No posted instructions, check recent articles for updates. They do change)

1.    Billoski, TV. Introduction to Paleontology, 6th edition. Institutional Press, New York. 212 pp. 1992.
2.    Morehouse, SI, Tung, RS. Statistical evidence for early extinction of reptiles due to the K/T event. Journal of Paleontology, 1993; 17(2): 198-209.
3.    Schwartz, MT, Billoski, TV. Greenhouse hypothesis: effect on dinosaur extinction. Pages 175-189 in B. T. Jones, & N. V. Lovecraft, editors. Extinction. Barnes and Ellis, New York.

Most of the modifications include the use of URLs in report and book sections when available. The officiall instructions exclude author titles, but recent articles usually include them.  This version seems to follow recent articles better.

Citation Format: Superscript Number 
Bibliographic Sort Order: Appearance Order 

References go OUTSIDE punctuation marks.(1)

Tables are “Table I”, Table, II, etc.
Figures are always abbreiviated Fig.1, Fig. 2, etc

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