need style for indian journal of animal sciences

can anyhow help me to upload style of Indian  journal of animal science. here is the link. 

it will be great help.

link of journal is-

Well I tried  but the instructions didn’t appear to be internally consistent and I didn’t go to a current journal.  I adapted the attached style from one of Masaaki’s in the collection thread. Instructions I found are below, so I ital  all titles titles and bolded volume (as described in Journal, but not shown in the example).  Endnote isn’t good at the Black (1971) so I used the alternative citation template. 

In Masaaki’s coding it would be another SG2_Yr_Ti_Jo Ital_Vol Bold_Page (Indian J Animal Sciences.ens

So the output for this attached style would be:

Billoski T V. 1992. Introduction to Paleontology. New York: Institutional Press.

Morehouse S I and Tung R S. 1993. Statistical evidence for early extinction of reptiles due to the K/T event. Journal of Paleontology 17 198-209.

Schwartz M T and Billoski T V. 1990. Greenhouse hypothesis: effect on dinosaur extinction. In Extinction, pp 175-89. (Eds) Jones B T and Lovecraft N V. Barnes and Ellis, New York.

Journal Instructions:

5.5 A recent issue of the journal should be consulted for the methods of citation of References in the text as well as at the end of the article. Reference citations in the text are typed as follows: Black (1971) or (Black 1971); Dickerson et al. (1974) or (Dickerson et al. 1974); Smith anJones (1977) or (Smith and Jones 1977). Groups of references cited in a sentence in the text must be listed in chronological order as in the previous sentence. REFERENCES lists should be typed in alphabetical order. The reference list should be first sorted alphabetically by author(s) and se¬condly chronologically.

For journal articles

Author(s), year. Title. Journal title (full name and in italics) volume number (bold): page-page.

Tyagi Praveen K, Tyagi Pramod K and Verma S V S. 1998. Effect of water soaking of wheat bran on phytase phosphorus autolysis and its feeding value to chicks. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 68 (5): 669-71.

For whole books

Author(s), year. Title .(Ed.).Edition if any, Number of pages. Publisher, address.

Mandal, A. B, Yadav A S, Johri T S and Pathak N N. 2004b. Nutrition and Disease Management of Poultry. International Book Distributing Agency, Charbagh, Lucknow.

For chapters from books Author(s), year. Title. book title, editors (editors), Publisher, address. Page-page.
Clark J A and McArthur A J. 1994. Thermal Exchanges. Livestock Housing.1edn, pp. 97-122. (Eds) Wathes C M and Charles D R. CAB INTERNATIONAL, Wallingford, UK.

For Symposium
Devegowda G, Raju M. V L N, Afzali N and Swamy H V L N. 1998. Mycotoxin picture world-wide: Novel solutions for their counteraction. Proceedings of 14th Alltech’s Annual Symposium on Biotechnology in the Feed Industry. pp. 241-55. 5 May 1997. Bagalore.
Indian J Animal Sciences.ens (11.6 KB)

Many many thank for your  help for providing this style. Hope someone like me  will get help from such guy like you. Again thank you. A correction is required in reference cited in text  ( like you did  ‘Dutta, et al. 2008’ but it will be in this way like 'Dutta et al.’ 2008 as per recent format). Otherwise all other references and citation you mention are exactly correct.

Here you go. 

Indian J Animal Sciences.ens (11.9 KB)

thank you for your correction

Wonderful Qestion, thanks for putting this together! This is obviously one great post. Thanks for the valuable information and insights you have so provided here  

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