Endnote style for the Springer journal "Water, Air, & Soil Pollution"

This is an Endnote style file for the Springer journal “Water, Air, & Soil Pollution”  (Water Air Soil Poll.)

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Chris Mebane, cmebane

Billoski, T.V. (1992). Introduction to Paleontology. Institutional Press, New York, 212 pp.
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Author Instructions:

Cross-referencing (citations)

 In the text, a reference identified by means of an author‘s name should be followed by the date of the reference in parentheses and page number(s) where appropriate. When there are more than two authors, only the first author‘s name should be mentioned, followed by ‘‘et al.‘‘. In the event that an author cited has had two or more works published during the same year, the reference, both in the text and in the reference list, should be identified by a lower case letter like ‘a‘‘ and ‘‘b‘‘ after the date to distinguish the works.
Winograd (1986, p. 204)
(Winograd, 1986a, b)
(Winograd, 1986; Flores et al., 1988)
(Bullen and Bennett, 1990

References (Note that italics did not come through in HTML instructions, only PDF.  Generally titles of books and journal names are italicized). See PDF. August 23, 2007

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  6. Patent:
    Name and date of patent are optional

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