Endnote Sync is a good thing. But it definitely needs improvements like an option to exclude attachments from Sync  like in the options for creating a compressed library. Syncing big libraries with attachments can take hours. So please add this in X7 or in X6 via patch.  

Hi BlackGoby,

Can you tell me how big your library is? And approximately how long is the sync taking? I assume you are talking about first time sync because after that only incremental changes need to be communicated to stay in sync across all platforms. Excluding attachments in a synchronized world isn’t really an easy problem to tackle. When creating a compressed library, it’s easy because it’s much like exporting (one way and changes don’t need to be communicated through the service to all other sync clients (Windows, Mac, iPad).

Also, if you could private message me your username, I can take a look at your library online to see if there is an issue causing sync to be slow.

Also, I presume you are on a reasonably fast network connection, right?

The connection is not the problem (DSL 16k) and also the library seems to be okay. I just like the idea of syncing without the attachments. Maybe it is not easy to maintain, but your product has also its price. Another thing is the legal issue. There are papers I am only allowed to use for myself, for example. But me and some colleagues sync all with one EndNote Web account. A lot of people do that and they all would like to sync without attachments.