A couple of questions about Sync

Hello all,

I am a former X4 user, and recently upgraded to X6.  I have a fairly large library, 3.5gigs worth of attachments and about 7500 references.  I have spent (quite literally) all weekend trying to get my library synced with Endnote’s servers.  In total, I have had the sync dialogue running for 27 or 28 hours in total, and only 5000 of the references have finished.  Is it normal for the syncing to take this long?  When I was using dropbox to do essentially the same thing, the entire library would take about 2 hours.  It seems ludicrous for the initial syncing process to take this long.

Also, is there a way to have the syncing process go on in the background?  Because I have spent so long letting Endnote try to fully sync the library, I have been completely shut out of the program for this whole weekend.



Hi G,

Are you using X6 Windows or Mac?



Same for me, on Mac x6, from x5.

I am using the Windows version.

Edit:  I should also add that I am on a university internet connection, so the data transfer speeds are hardly slow, even for upload.

Thanks for sharing about your experience. While it seems like comparing to Dropbox is a natural thing to do, Dropbox sync is quite straightforward because it’s simply moving files and folders to and from a server. EndNote is moving relational data where references may belong to many groups.  Additionally, it needs to update indexes when changes occur to ensure that searching for terms in those references and PDF’s can turn up correct results.

For those using our Windows release, we have an update in progress that does improve performance greatly.  If you are interested in trying out our public beta, please let us know. 

Just wanted to post back here that we had updates to both Macintosh and Windows version 16.0.1 which included very good improvements for performance and stability when it comes to sync.