Endnote "Transfer References" to Endnote Web is unavailable.

Dear Endnote Forum,

I have been using Endnote X3 to transfer references to Endnote Online so that I can use the Cite While You Write app in Word 2016.

Without changing anything, now I get the error message: “Endnote “Transfer References” to Endnote Web is unavailable. Please verity that the Endnote Web URL is correct and then try again.”

The Endnote Web URL, and all other URLs for that matter, no longer work from the desktop Endnote X3. My credentials are correct beccause I can access Endnote Online from the URL and the Cite While You Write app.

As suggested by Endnote Online “If you are receiving this error message when using Cite While You Write in Microsoft Word or Transfer from EndNote, you must uninstall your current EndNote online plug-in, then download and install that latest plug-in.”

After uninstalling the old plug-in and installing the new plug-in, I still get the “Endnote “Transfer References” to Endnote Web is unavailable.” error message.

Can you help me figure-out what is going wrong with Endnote Web?



It was a long time ago (X4 came out in 2010 I think, so that software is over 8 yrs old) - I don’t believe X3 will sync with Endnote online (if it ever did).  


As mentioned in my post, I was able to transfer references from Endnote X3 to Endnote Online, and sync was working as of last week.

What is your basis for not believing X3 will sync with Endnote online (if it ever did)?

Mostly because I read this awhile ago, which suggested that only endnote x8 would be able to sync going forward, so I assumed X3 would not work either.


EndNote X6 and later with EndNote online: Using Sync

Jun 27, 2018•Article
EndNote X6 and later can synchronize with EndNote online. The training video below demonstrates the new feature and how it is used.

Note: If you have EndNote X6 and X7 and have not already configured EndNote Sync, the time period for creating an enhanced EndNote online account has passed and the offer is now expired. To take advantage of EndNote Sync, these EndNote X6 or X7 users would want to consider upgrading to EndNote X8.

Note: If you have EndNote X6 or X7, you will need to Update in order to Sync."