Transfer References (to EndNote/EndNote Web) is unavailable

I had put this topic in the General section by mistake, the How To section is probably better suited for this question.

Hi All,

I recieved a question from somebody who has been having some troubles connecting to their EndNote web library from within EndNote. When they double click transfer… from the EndNote program, it goes through a few steps (connecting, authorizing, etc…) and then brings up a screen to choose what to transfer from where to where. In this screen they choose the option to tranfser from Web to EndNote and click transfer, they then get an error message saying:

“Transfer references to Endnote is unavailable, please verify EndNote URL is correct.”

Now, I have checked the EndNote URL under preferences and it says: 
also their account information is correct, it hasn’t changed.

It never used to have this problem, but now it can’t connect to EndNote web anymore both at their work-pc and home-pc.
Does anyone know what might have caused this problem or where I must look in order to solve this.

Thanks in advance for any help i get!

When I looked up the error message on Google it gave me a possible sollution saying I should disable the automatic configuration script from the lan-settings in Internet Explorer. But since this problem occurs on two different pc’s i think it is unlikely that it’s Internet Explorer.

Does anybody have a suggestion as to where i should look to solve this problem? And has anybody heard of this problem before?

I would really like to know so that i can help this person. Thanks in advance!


Have you posted Endnote Web forum?

If you look at the number of posts, you can tell Endnote Web users are not really very much at this point. Maybe that’s where T&R needs to push a lot. I personally don’t use Endnote Web, just because I don’t need it. After long years, I have basically good synchronizing scheme, which is the advantage of the Endnote Web, and I own enough PCs and licenced EN here and there so that I don’t need Web version. Anyway, sorry I can’t help, but just a thought.

Thanks for the suggestion, I have posted it on the EndNote Web forum just now. I don’t think I’ll get much response from it, seen the number of people that reply to messages there, but it’s worth a try.

Any possibility that some Internet security/antivirus program’s settings might be inteferring with the downloading?