Endnote updates

Please return Endnote to the simple - elegant program that it once was - a referencing package, rather than a bloated product that tries to be all things to all people!  Everytime you try to make the program something it was never designed to be, you create more problems, more jerry-rigged software, more bugs, more… well you get my drift.  Sorry franktietze, that is my opinion!  

Well, a valid point. However, over time other programs have come up with good solutions. I have always sticked with Endnote and my library has expanded so immensely that I miss other very helpful features that only other programs offer. I do not want to use multiple programs for different features. If software developers carefully build upon previous versions, then one can build reliable software packages. A possibility of course would be to adapt a modular approach, so that everyone can decide whether to install additional addins / plugins for more features.