how restore missing fields in EndNote X4 (version X4.0.2)?

Some of my reference records have fields missing altogether – not simply fields with blank values, but missing fields.

For example, one of them has only 8 fields, in contrast to the dozens of fields in a newly created reference.

Changing the reference type of the 8-field reference changes some field names, but not how many.

I searched the online forum for “missing fields” but didn’t find this problem or its solution.

I assume the problem arose when I added references while my library was in a corrupted state.

However, Recover Library did not solve the problem.

How can I get EndNote to restore the missing fields so that I can enter their values?

When you have the record open, do you see the “show empty fields” in the upper right hand corner? (make sure the full view is open, so you are missing parts of the window off screen.)  Is that what you need?  or do you believe you have lost information that used to be contained in fields?  Usually a field, even if it doesn’t exist in a ref type, that contains information, will be displayed.  

see attached jpg

EndNote Tech support sent me the embarassingly easy solution:  click on the small “Show Empty Fields” button I hadn’t noticed on the upper right of the edit window opened by the Quick Edit button or by double-clicking on the reference.

The fields weren’t missing, just hidden – I’m guessing because they were created or imported differently than my others.

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