Endnote Web / Endnote X4 - Error code = -10814

Hi, I primarily use Endnote X4 on my Mac, and I’ve been using its CWYW function for a few years now.

Today, however, I received the following error when I went to insert a reference from Endnote X4 into Word 2011:

"Could not find a copy of EndNote X6.0.1 to launch.

“Error code = -10814”

Earlier today I created an Endnote Web account so that I could access someone else’s web refs, and during that process I downloaded a Firefox connection file and an Endnote Web file of some kind (I can’t remember now the precise file names), so I assume that this must be related to the error I’m now receiving.

I saw a few other threads about the 10814 error, so I followed their guidance. The first thing I did was to make sure the “EndNote CWYW Word 2011.bundle” file was in the appropriate startup position. That did nothing. The next thing I tried was toggling the CWYW Application preferences from Endnote to Endnote Web; when switching to the Web, I didn’t get the error, but that wasn’t very helpful because I don’t want to use Endnote Web–I need to insert refs from the Endnote application on my computer.

The other thing I noticed, and this is what I think may be contributing to the error, is that, in Word, the Tools Endnote menu now says Endnote X6, but my version of Endnote is actually X4. Perhaps there’s a way to switch it back to the appropriate Endnote version?

Please help!



Hello, andrewd2:

The Cite While You Write tools for EndNote desktop and EndNote on the web are actually one and the same, so there isn’t a need to download and install the tools if you already have the desktop version. In doing so, you wound up overwriting the older EndNote X4 version of the tools with the new ones from the web version. So what we’ll want to do is remove the new tools you downloaded, reinstall the X4 tools, and then I’ll show you how to swap them. Let’s get started:

Remove The Wrong Tools:

  1. With Word completely quit, please browse to your startup folder for Word. By default this will be Applications: Microsoft Office: Office: Startup: Word.
  2. Remove the EndNote CWYW Word.bundle file in this location.

Add Back in the Right Tools (steps for Word 2011):

  1. Ensure Word is still completely quit.

  2. Visit http://endnote.com/downloads/available-updates and download and run the X4.0.2 For Mac OS X update.

Add Back in the Right Tools (steps for Word 2008):

  1. Ensure Word is still completely quit.

  2. Open EndNote and click on the EndNote X4 menu next to the Apple icon.

  3. Choose Customizer.

  4. Check Cite While You Write and click Next. 

  5. Keep clicking Next until the process completes. 

The X4 tools should show again in the Tools menu of Word. Please confirm this, and then:

Swapping Between EndNote X4 and EndNote on the Web:

  1. Click the Tools menu and select EndNote X4> Cite While You Write Preferences.

  2. Click Applications

  3. Choose EndNote Web and click Ok.

  4. The Tools menu of Word should now display EndNote Web instead of EndNote X4.

Let me know if you run into trouble!

Thank you for the clear, in-depth reply. I’m impressed!

I found an IT guy earlier this morning and after a bit of magical online surfing, he directed me to do exactly the same thing. And everything’s working fine now.



I’m so glad to hear you’re up and running! Let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day.

Hi Gillian,

My University has a site license for Endnote Web. So, I do not have any computer-based Endnote version. What is the correct “update” that I should use for the MSWord plugin? The Endnote 7 update gave me the error code listed above, and Endnote 4 updater “did not find anything to update.” thanks!