Endnote web CWYW plugin for Mac

Hi - I am having problems with the CWYW plug in for Mac…I use endnote web (and only the web version) as I work across multiple machines, and recently installed the CWYW plug in for Mac.  I am running Lion (10.7.2) and have office for Mac 2011…whenever I try to insert a citation I consistently get the following error message…'could not find a copy of Endnote x4.0.2 to launch, error code = -10814.

I have used the CWYW plugin and endnote web no problems on a pc

Any ideas suggestions or settings I can change??

Many thanks

EndNote Web: Cannot find a copy of EndNote X4 to launch. Error code is 10814

 See this article from the Endnote knowlegebasewhich says the below (direct copy):

This happens with Word 2008/2011. After EndNote Web plug-in installation, when trying to use the CWYW toolbar in Word, you will see EndNote toolbar instead of EndNote Web toolbar. When you try accessing this toolbar you will be prompted with this error message,

Cannot find a copy of EndNote to launch. Error code is 10814

This can be resolved by switching the tools to EndNote Web. To do this in Word 2008/2011.

  1. Open Word.

  2. Go to the “Tools” menu, choose “EndNote” and select “Cite While You Write Preferences.”

  3. Here, go to the “Applications” tab.

  4. Select EndNote Web. Enter the Registered username and password for EndNote web.

  5. Click OK.

Then restart Word and try using the tools again.

thank you thank you thank you!

Hi there, 

I’m running into the same ‘error 10814’ after i downloaded the ‘cite while you write’ application. I worked my way through the recommendation, but when i open the ‘cite while you write preferences’ there is no application tab, only ‘general’, ‘keyboard’ and '‘figures and tables’. 

I’m using the web CWYW, the tab in word says endnote 9, and I use word 2004-2008 for mac. Any ideas?

In Word first click on Word in the upper left corner next to the Apple menu and click on About Word. You should see a screen that will show the exact version of Word. What version is this?

Next click on Tools and choose Templates and add-ins?

In the Global Template window where it says “checked items are currently loaded,” what items are listed?

If you are using Word 2008 (12.1.0 or higher), click on Word > Preferences > Folder Locations > Modify. Make sure the location of Startup is set to HD: Applications: Microsoft Office 2008: Office: Startup: Word.

After that quit Word and open a Finder window. Go to Applications: Microsoft Office 2008: Office: Startup: Word.

What files do you see in this folder? Do you see a file called “EndNote CWYW Word 2008.bundle?” If there are any other files with EN or EndNote in the name you can remove them.

If you do not see “EndNote CWYW Word 2008.bundle” in the Word folder you can copy and paste it from the Cite While You Write folder which is in the Applications folder.

After that you can open Word and try to use the Cite While You Write Preferences to switch to EndNote online.

So glad I found this, thank you so much!