Could not find a copy of EndNote X4.0.2 to launch. Error code = -10814


I have two problems and hope someone can help me.

1)I recently upgraded from endnote X4 to endnote X5 and now I could not use endnote in Word. When I click on 'go to endnote ’ or ‘cite citations’ buttons in CWYW, I get the massage stating ‘Could not find a copy of EndNote X4.0.2 to launch. Error code = -10814’. 

  1. In Word I notice that my endnote file is stated as endnote X4 in spite of  only having endnote X5 application in my laptop. Why is this and what can I do to change this?

Thanks for your help.



Mac or PC? 

It sounds like your toolbar is still pointing to a non-existent X4 installation.  Where does your “endnote file” say ENX4? 

See if these instructions from a previous thread help, otherwise I would call tech support. 


Thanks for a prompt reply and yes, the link you gave was extremely helpful. It solves both my problems. Cheers.