Endnote Web: How to change >2 author citaitons into ", et al."?

First up - I’m a complete Endnote newb, with only a few months under my belt. I use Endnote Web, which I log in to via my institution, and a plugin for Word (MS Office Home & Business Premium). The style my University uses is “BrookesHarvard”

Under my current settings any in-text citations I add end up as a list of author names, eg. (Smith, Bloggs and Johnson, 2020). But I’d like to make it so that it only lists authors upto a maximum of 2 names, afterwhich it would use “et al.”:

Current setting: 

(Smith, Bloggs and Johnson, 2020)

Desired setting:

2 authors: (Smith and Bloggs, 2020)

3+ authors  (Smith et al., 2020)

Thanks in advance

You can not edit output styles in the web version.  If your institution wants that, they will need to edit the output style for your use.  Only the desktop version of endnote has this option.  

I see. That makes sense. At least I won’t be held accountable if my own institution is the one who manages the style!


It is a pretty common requirement to show all three before going to et al.