Citation in text with 2 authors, plus et al

A kind request.

I have worked with Endnotes a while, but my citations in the text are always just 1 author and the year.

What I need is, where relevant, 2 authors mentioned, and when more >2 authors, et al in addition.

I tried everything already. Here are my settings.

Templates: (Author, Secondary Author, Year)

What could be the problem?

Please attach your style, which would make it much easier to identify where you have made changes, and where you need to make changes. 

  • ensure if you have made changes to the style, that you save the style to a new name, and also apply that style to the word document in question by running the format bibliography option and change to the edited style. 

I believe what you need to modify is in the Author Lists section under Citations for that output style. You specifically would want to change the Abbreviated Author List - First Appearance and Subsequent settings so that the second bullet is "If 3 or more authors, list the first 2  author(s).

My style is Author-Date. BUt I guess I have made changes, without saving it under a different name…

Thanks, I made these changes to the style, but somehow I still dont see the writers in the text…

Save under different style name AND change the style associated iwth the manuscript to that different name.  - thru the format paper dialog (Word 2003 and earlier).  I think it is a slightly different way with 2007/2010 word. 

Please attach the style if it still doesn’t work?

How do I attach a style to this forum?

Also good to know is that I did make another change tp the style and this change is applied in my word document.

The only thing that does not work is the second other in the citation in the text…

when you reply, there is a box that says “Attachments” below the box you write in, - there is a browse button to right of that box.  Browse to your my documents/styles folder to find your edited style.

Going back to the beginning, I notice you have Author, Secondary author, – why is there the “secondary author” field?  That isn’t the same as the second author. 

Anyway – attach the style and we can help sort you out.  To confirm, if there are 2 authors, you would want (Smith & Jones YEAR) and if 3 or more (Smith, Jones, et al YEAR).  And you would want that for all citations, whether used once or the second and subsequent times. 

Thanks. I hope this works. Shall I delete the “secondary author” already?

Author-Date.ens (14.3 KB)

the style you attached should be working in the citation, showing only the first two authors, et al if there are more than two.  It is also set that way in the bibliography.  Is that what you wanted?  Also this style didn’t have a “secondary author” in the citation template.  Was this the edited style from your My Documents/Endnote/Styles folder? 

Citations as cited in the text (Andersson, Hoglund et al. 2001; Amemiya and Gomez-Chiarri 2006).

Bibliography (although they are really Hanging indented).


Amemiya, C. T. and M. Gomez-Chiarri (2006). “Comparative genomics in vertebrate evolution and development.” J Exp Zoolog A Comp Exp Biol 305(9): 672-82.

Andersson, A., M. Hoglund, et al. (2001). “Paired multiplex reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (PMRT- PCR) analysis as a rapid and accurate diagnostic tool for the detection of MLL fusion genes in hematologic malignancies.” Leukemia 15(8): 1293-300.

Have you checked the citation’s “Author Lists” setting of your output style?  [Go to the toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT name of style. Then in the output style locate “Author Lists” under Citations - see attached image].

The Author Lists setting determines how the authors will be listed in the in-text citation. Your style may not have accounted for more than 1 author so it would just be a matter of correcting the options.  Once completed, close the style window.  You will be prompted to save the changes to a file with the word “Copy” added (i.e., APA 6th Copy). You will need then to change the output style setting in both EndNote and Word to use the file copy instead of the original output style.  Otherwise changes to the Author Lists settings will not be displayed.

Also note that the bibliography has its own Author Lists setting also.  So adjustments, if needed, will need to be done separately.

No, the description of the style does not seem to be the one I can find in my list of styles.

Somehow, the location where the changed style is saved is not:

C:\Program Files\EndNote 9\Styles

Yet when I open in Endnotes the Edit/Openstyle/OpenStyleManager

Then I do get a list with this Author-Date style, which is according to my preferences defined… An recently changed.

Where is this file saved? I somehow attach the wrong Author-Date file.

Ahhhh, well we have all been assuming you were working with more recent version of Endnote!  I need to go back to the beginning on this one, and dredge up my memories of Endnote9!

Can you also say what operating system you are working with?  If Vista or Windows 7, the answers will be different than if it is Windows XP.

There is only one location for the styles, and if you “save as” from the style which is openned in endnote, it should save to the folder specified in the Preferences for the output style.  However, if you have Vista or 2007 - you can’t write to that folder.  You need to relocate the whole folder to a user accessible folder location and point the folder preferences (in ENDNOTE,  EDIT>Preferences, folder location) to that new home.  - Then move the style from the location you previously mentioned to the folder location defined in the edit>preferences. 

If you have access to the preferences defined folder, when you open the style you are editing and  “save as” to a new name, I think EN9 should save it to the preferences defined folder location and it should be visible in your style manager…

Check your My Documents folder to see if there’s a sub-folder named “EndNote” - if so, the modified output style may have been saved to to this location.

If not, use your computer’s search capability to search through the hard drive to identify where the output style file is located.

A new attempt to attached the style.

Author-Date.ens (14.4 KB)

I still need to know your operating system.

Okay,  I made a couple changes to it, adding some spaces around the “and” in citation, for when there are only two authors and took out the “secondary author” from the citation template.  Some examples from my library formatted in a paper with the attached style, end up looking as below.  If yours aren’t working, have you entered the authors manually?  And if so, have you added them one per line?, to the author field like this:

Surname, F. N.

2ndAuthorSurname, F. N.

If on one continuous line, then all the authors would be treated as one long author. 

Open this attachment and try to use the endnote commands to save it.  It should save it to the preferences defined folder I think in EN9, again, assuming you are not using Vista or Win7. 


Example of citations in a formatted “document”.  In text citations will be inserted like this (Adams, 1988; Adams and Cory, 1991; Adamson and Shearn, 1996; Abu-Duhier, Goodeve et al., 2000; Adachi, Leoni et al., 2004; Adams, 2007; Ackema and Charite, 2008).

Reference list (which is set to show all authors, with hanging indent, but the indent is not maintained when I copy it here).

Abu-Duhier, F. M., A. C. Goodeve, G. A. Wilson, M. A. Gari, I. R. Peake, D. C. Rees, E. A. Vandenberghe, P. R. Winship and J. T. Reilly (2000). “FLT3 internal tandem duplication mutations in adult acute myeloid leukaemia define a high-risk group.” Br J Haematol 111 (1): 190-5.

Ackema, K. B. and J. Charite (2008). “Mesenchymal stem cells from different organs are characterized by distinct topographic Hox codes.” Stem Cells Dev 17 (5): 979-91.

Adachi, S., L. M. Leoni, D. A. Carson and T. Nakahata (2004). “Apoptosis induced by molecular targeting therapy in hematological malignancies.” Acta Haematol 111 (1-2): 107-23.

Adams, J. M. (1988). “Consequences of constitutional activation of oncogenes within transgenic mice.” Immunol Ser 41 (365): 365-88.

Adams, J. M. and S. Cory (1991). “Transgenic models of tumor development.” Science 254 : 1161-7.

Adams, S. (2007). Try rebooting yourself.

Adamson, A. L. and A. Shearn (1996). “Molecular genetic analysis of Drosophila ash2, a member of the trithorax group required for imaginal disc pattern formation.” Genetics 144 (2): 621-633.
Author-Date[1maud2] .ens (14 KB)