Updating Bibliography in Pages 09

Ok so I have a document in pages with an endnote generated bibliography. My problem is i made a couple of mistakes when creating my references in endnote and these are now showing up in my document. I tried fixing the referencing in endnote and saving them but this did not change my bibliography. I have also tried trashing my bibliography and creating it again but this did not result in any changes. How do I get my bibliography to update with the changes? 


FYI: Pages 09 with then endnote plugin, Endnote X6, OS X 10.8.3

Can you unformat in Pages?  If you changed the Author or the year, that is what you need to do in the Word add-in version.  Trashing the bibliography doesn’t change the citations themselves, which no long match your corrected library version.   

Sorry I don’t quite understand, what do you mean by unformat? I changed the title of the cited document within endnote, this change was not represented within the bibliography of the document.

I don’t use Pages '09,  but I searched the helpfile for Endnote and found this (it works differently in the Endnote/Word interface -my emphasis below): 

Making Changes to the EndNote Library
Editing a Reference in the Library (Pages '09) (Mac)
You may insert a citation in a Pages document, and then later edit the corresponding reference in EndNote. Are those changes reflected in your Pages document?
The answer is no! If you change a reference in EndNote, you must also replace that citation in Pages.

Deleting a Reference from the Library (Pages’09) (Mac)
If a reference is cited in Pages, and you then delete the reference from your EndNote library, the change is not reflected in Pages.The citation remains until you specifically delete it.

Ok thanks, thats not fantastic news but an answer nun the less, cheers.

I’ve had the same problem, wrignj08.  How frustrating that there isn’t some automatic function key that can be pressed to reformat the Bibliography with the new, corrected information.  Surely, it wouldn’t be that difficult to include.

The other problem I have found which is even more frustrating is that even when I have checked my reference list before writing my assignment so I won’t have this problem with the bibliography, there are some references which still come up incorrectly even though I have corrected them.  For example, the journal article title in the bibliography comes up in capital letters even though I corrected it in my reference list to have small letters with leading letter capitals. eg. ‘Language Teaching’ corrected from ‘LANGUAGE TEACHING’.  Is this to say that even errors which are imported using the style of that database or library site cannot be corrected?

Sometimes I wonder if technology like this is made to make life easier or to drive us mad.

I have heard that Apple implements Endnote’s Add-in, not TR, so they are the ones that need to hear from users.