Endnote X1.1 - Edit Citations dialog box not listing citations in Word document

I am assisting a student with an Endnote problem that I’ve not encountered before. He is using Ednote X1.1 for Windows, Word 2000 and has selected APA 5th as the Output Style.  Problem: he is unable to edit Formatted citations. The Edit Citations dialog box is not listing citations in the left column of the dialog - therefore we cannot edit any citation that we want to customize. There are no citations listed therefore we cannot highlight. Despite there being no citations listed however there is a citation tally at the bottom of the dialog box. (Although whilst we were experimenting the tally was not accurate.) Nor is it giving the option to Exclude Author, Exclude Year, add a Prefix or a Suffix. The options do not appear in the dialog box.

We have tried the following without success: 

1. Unformat and then re-format bibliography

2. Unformat citations,   save Word document, close Word, reopen document and format bibliography

3. Uninstall EndNote X1 program using Windows> Control Panel> Add remove programs, and then reinstall (same problems) 

Additional information:

1. We tried all of the above on a new document…so it’s not the document

2. It’s possible to unformat the citations, edit the unformatted citations, and then reformat…but student wants to use CWYW.3. The Endnote toolbar in Word & the CWYW toolbar in Endnote is used to move between programs. The student also toggles between programs and sometimes uses key-stroke combinations to insert refs.

4. Word 2000 being used - which according to the Endnote Word compatatiblity chart should work with EN X1


Endnote’s technical support suggested that we check for third-party addin file for Word is conflicting with EndNote’s addin files. http://www.endnote.com/support/faqs/CWYW/faq11.asp 


Can anyone advise?

Hi, i have had this same problem, and believe that the corruption has been caused by using the backspace or delete key to remove unwanted Formatted citations (ok with unformatted citations). Apparently this is a no-no (see X1 User Manual p. 301).

I am working on a 250 page thesis with over 1000 citations, and received an error message something along the lines of Object deleted (not at the time i was deleteing citations, perhaps when instant formatting was scanning the doc). Long and the short of it, around 400 citations dissappeared from my Edit Citation dialogue box. They still appeared in the text as active , and i could still select ‘Edit Citation’, which would open the Edit Citation dialogue box, but the citation i had selected was no longer in the ‘Citations in document list’ and my tally of citations (bottom right) was down around 600!

It seems that when using Formatted citations, the correct way to remove them is using ‘Edit Citation’ and then clicking remove, so that all the code associated with the smart tag is correctly removed.

In the meantime, i have had to rebuild my document from backups, and no longer use the delete key. :frowning:

P.S. Found this warning http://www.swinburne.edu.au/lib/bibsoft/endnote-x1.0.1-2008.pdf see page 15 of the pdf