EndNote X7 and Word 2016: "This document does not contain any editable citations."


I have a problem with EndNote losing the link to the document’s citations - I think. 

The problem is as follows:

If I try to edit citations or update the bibliography, an EndNote-window pops up saying “This document does not contain any editable citations. Citations must be formatted to use the Edit Citations tool.” / “The selection does not contain any editable library references.” 

I’m working on a Mac with El Capitan, Word 2016 (15.24) and EndNote X7.7. The library has been recently imported from Citavi. I suspect that the document was edited with Citavi as well (it’s a document I am editing for someone), and that the problem stems from there - maybe the in-text references don’t automatically get converted? 

I am new to EndNote (using Zotero before), so I’m not sure where I should start with the solution and would appreciate any pointers. Since I don’t know how this arose I wasn’t able to find a solution via web search/forum search. 

I’m thankful for any tips. 

Thank you in advance!

I would call Endnote support (www.endnote.com/support) if they have a tool that can convert the fields inserted by Citvia into Endnote citations.  I haven’t read of a tool to do so, but they might have one?  Do you have access to Citvia? Can you “unformat” them and see what they look like?

Hi Leanne,

I’m not in the US, so calling would be too expensive. Thank you for suggesting to unformat the references in Citavi. I will try to get access to a computer.

Are there any more suggestions? Maybe someone has had this type of problem before?

http://endnote.com/support/international gives the international numbers?