EndNote x1 Limitations

Hi, I wanted to know what are the limitations for EndNote X1, as in, up to how many records/references I can add to my library before it becomes too much and affects my performance, and if the data will get corrupt once I reach a certain (excessive) number of references? 


How about some quantitative data colection?  I usually use EndnoteX and am rather selective as to what ends up in my library. 

I have just under 5000 records, maybe less than 20% have a pdf attached (10% in the “figure” spot and the other 10% in the PDF spot).   

And have been using Endnote since it was a DOS program from Niles.  Can’t remember WHEN that was! 

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Since version 8, the ceiling of records was wiped out and there is no maximum for a single library (or multiples)

A faculty member here recently sent a testimonial; she and her grad assistants created a library in less than one year with more than 10,000 entries organizing references providing meta-analysis of a particular topic in all disciplines…  and she is a new user…

I’m sure there are longtimers who have even more records…

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Virginia is correct. Since version 8 EndNote has been technically “unlimited” in file size or number of records. Admittedly, “unlimited” is a pretty hard number to verify but we routinely test internally with libraries with as many as half a million records with no issues. As with most other applications, EndNote’s performance with large files will be substantially impacted by an individual computer’s processor speed and available memory.

Jason Rollins, EndNote Product Development