EndNote X1 Spell Check

I know I fixed this a year or two for my users, but I can’t remember how I did it (and I didn’t write it down). I have a user who got a new laptop. Now his spell check in EndNote comes up with every single word to check (pretty much). I know we had it using a much larger dictionary the last time, but can’t figre out which one. I have him using the ssceam.tlx file, but this seems to be extremely small. I have a complete backup of his old laptop, including all EndNote files, but the ssceam.tlx file looks to be exactly the same on it. Any idea what dictionary may be the correct one to load - or do I need to just start loading each one until I hit on the correct (more extensive) one? 




I have included the complete steps, but since you already have ssceam.tlx selected, you will probably be able to skip the second paragraph:

In EndNote go to “Edit > Preferences” and click on the “Spell Check” option.  Then click on the “Options” button.  Change the “Main Dictionary Language” to “American English Medical” and click “OK”.

Then click on the “Dictionaries” button.  Under “Files” you should have “ssceam.tlx” listed.  If it is not, click on the “Add File” button and select “ssceam.tlx” then click “Close”.  Click “OK” to close the preferences window and then open a reference and perform the spell check again.