Endnote X2 and Word 2011 (Mac) compatibility


I am using Endnote X2.02 (bld 5723) for Mac (Snow Leopard) and recently upgraded to Word 2011.  They don’t seem to speak to each other, no CWYW tools and to my knowledge there is no support for this combination…yet. Any patches/updates I should know about?


EndNote X2 is not compatible with Word 2011.  See this link for the current  status of EndnoteX4 and  Word 2011. 

I just spent well over an hour searching for this information—mainly because I tried to find it on the Endnotes website rather than going straight to Google.

Really, you should post this notice (and maybe an updated compatibility table) on the Endnote website on the same page where you talk about the other updates.