Endnote and Word

I am trying to use Endnote X4 with Word 2011. I have Mac OS X 10.8.2

Apparently these versions of Endnote and Word are not compatible, because as I try to open Endnote Word gets frozen.

Somebody could help me on this?

Thanks a lot.


I would check out the compatibility charts and links in this knowledge base article.  


(I am a user, not Endnote Support, and don’t use a Mac).  

EndNote X4.0.2 is compatible with Word 2011. Make sure you have the Visual Basic Editor installed for Word. To check this in Word, click the Tools menu > Macro > Visual Basic Editor. If this opens, you have the Visual Basic Editor installed. If you receive an error, you will need to install that component for Office 2011.

I check this out. I have the Visual Basic Editor installed. The problem is still there.

Any other option?


Jose Antonio

Hello Jose Antonio,

I would suggest contacting our Technical Support group to troubleshoot this issue:


I solved it. I had to update operative system to Os X 10.8.5 and now is working.

Thanks very much for your help.