Endnote X2 installation ended prematurely

I downloaded a trial version of Endnote X2 and attempted to install it on my computer. Unfortunately, the installation was not successful. It ended prematurely.

Prior to installing X2, I uninstalled previous versios of Endnote. I am using Windows XP and Office 2003. As far as I can tell, I have the correct system requirements.

Does anyone have any idea as to why the installation failed?!?

Thanks heaps.

Has no one else encountered this same issue?

I downloaded the X2 installer again last night - and again, I got an error message saying that the installer encountered an error and that it was ending prematurely.

 Make sure you empty your caches?  Sometimes the browser will just reload the cache version (and our Institution has their own cache, separate from my IE cache, so I have to ask them to empty it or wait long enough for it expire, which can be days). 

I have Endnote x3 in a Win 2003/XP Domain environment. I got the “installation ended prematurely” fatal error. I finally got end note installed by using the original local admin account that was used to install the installation of Windows. No Domain admin accounts worked and no other local admin accounts worked. I had a version of end note that created a log when it failed to install and in the log, it stated there there were no admin privileges when clearly I was logged in as an admin account that I use to install other software. This would also explain wht the problem is in all versions of Endnote