Endnote X2 Auto Upgrade Error

When I click on “Endnote Program Updates”, it starts the update wizard and then I get a message saying an error occured, which could be caused by not having a valid connection to the internet (I checked and it is connected), the host server not running, not having access to the host server, or invalid proxy settings. It then directs me to go back to the previous screen and change my proxy settings. I do not connect by proxy, so am not sure how to do this. When I try to cancel out of the wizard, it tells me “Setup is not complete. If you quit the setup program now, the program will not be installed.” This is very confusing and sounds like I am missing part of the program setup. Does anyone know what is going on or has anyone encountered the same error? I did uninstall and reinstall Endonte X2 and still had the same thing occur.

There isn’t any X2 update available (yet), so I think it is getting stuck.  This shouldn’t happen, but it doesn’t seem to cause any damage, - just, as you say, confusion. 

Thank you very much for your quick reply. I am glad it is not a serious problem. While I think EndNote is a wonderful product, issues such as this and also the lack of usability on the main EndNote web site have been disappointing. I hope to see improvements in these areas in the future.

This minor glitch is now fixed. With EndNote X2, if you try “EndNote Program Updates…” from the Help menu, you will get the proper “You are running the most recent version of EndNote…” message.

We have been testing this function on the update server in anticipation of the upcoming patch and something was temporary set incorrectly.

Jason Rollins, EndNote Product Development